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Mechanical Engineering  Department

This department is composed of two bachelor’s degree  programs: Machinery Design & Manufacture, Electrical Engineering and  Automation, and three-year programs: CNC Technology, Mechanical Manufacture and  Automation, Die and Mould Designing & Manufacturing, and Mechatronics  Technology. This department is supported by Qiqihar No.3 Machine Tool Co. Ltd.,  and during the course of school-running this department realizes the integration  of industry, study and research authentically, cultivate a great many of  engineers and entrepreneurs, and received the widely approval from the society  and enterprises.

Traffic Engineering  Department

This department is composed of two bachelor’s degree  programs: Automobile Service engineering and Transportation. The three-year  programs include Automotive Detection and Maintenance Technology, Automotive  Technical Service and Marketing, Automotive Electronics Technology, Management  and Preservation of Engineering Machinery. 27000 square meters Automotive Exposition Center was built and used in the year of  2010. This center provides a stereo in the unifying professional  environment.

Construction Engineering  Department

This department is composed of two bachelor’s degree  programs: Civil Engineering and Engineering Management. Three-year programs are  as follows: Architectural Engineering Technology, Project Pricing, and Road and  Bridge Engineering Technology. This department focuses on the idea of “the  cooperation of government, college and enterprise, the integration of industry,  study and research”, relying on the “flow station” and the “A fellow student”,  setting up East Asia Environment Decoration Company, and East Asia Construction  Labor Co, Ltd.

Management Engineering  Department

This department is composed of three bachelor’s degree  programs: Electronic Commerce, Financial Management, and English. Three-year programs are Marketing  Management, Logistic Management, Accounting Computerization, and Food Detection.  Since the year in which the department was founded, under the strict and formal  education management, it has cultivated many talents who satisfy the need of  society with professional skills.

Information Engineering  Department

The department is composed of two bachelor’s degree  education programs (Computer Science and Technology, and Artistic Designing ) and four three-year programs (Environmental Art Design, Software Technology, and Applied Electronics and  Animation Design and Production). It has eight specialty-run companies and more  than 130 practical training bases outside of  school.

East  Asia Senior Technical School

The school is composed of 33 specialties  including Numerical Control Technology, Mould Design and Manufacturing,  Mechanical-Electrical Integration Technology, Automotive Detection and  Maintenance Technology, Electronic Commerce and Business English etc. The school  provided the society with over 18,600 junior and senior technical talents these  years under the school mission “people oriented, serve the society and make  every student develop”.

Adult Continuing  Education Program.

It mainly provides the society with long-distance network  education, adult education and other continuing education. It is also a  specialized institution for the exams of professional skills and professional  qualifications.

Affiliated Jianhua Hospital

Qiqihar Institute of Engineering has cooperated with  Qiqihar  Jianhua Hospital, through the way of which they  can share the resources and make up the disadvantages of each other, with an aim  to provide a better care for the old age.

Affiliated Sanya City Vocational  College

The two colleges cooperate to take advantages of running  a college, sharing the recourse deeply, providing management consultancy, and cadre management. Teachers from both colleges are  expected to be as volunteers to do research deeply, and to carry the advancement  program collectively.


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