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International activities

[Date: 2013-03-28 ] From:  By:

Since October, 2008, Qiqihar Institute  of Technology has signed agreements on academic exchange with Guangzu  University, Nazu University, Chosun Institute of Technology, Kobe Clark  Institute of Foreign Languages and Group-T, etc. Meanwhile, Koguryo University  of Korea, IUCTT and Singapore Institute of Washington have ever sent their  delegations to our institute to investigate and exchange.

Group-T signed the cooperation  agreement with our institute

Chosun  Institute of Technology signed the exchange agreement with our institute

The visiting mission of  Koguryo University of Korea came to our institute to investigate and  exchange

Jin  Jiayong-the President of the Institute of International Education in Guangzu  University, and his group came to visit our institute

Nazu University signed agreements on  academic exchange with our institute

Tong Lei- Chief Representative for  China of IUCTT, came to visit our institute

Kobe Clark Institute of Foreign  Languages discuss the cooperation issue with our institute

Huang Jinshun – the president of  Singapore Institute of Washington, and his group came to visit our  institute


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