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Professor Cao Yong’an gives the special training of Applied Courses Construction to the Hebei Nationalities Normal University with three teachers

[Date: 2016-10-17 ] From: Vehicle 161  By: tranlated by Yang Yue

On September13, Professor Cao Yong’an gave the special training of Applied Courses Construction to the Hebei Nationalities Normal University with two teachers of our college and one from Applied Course Construction Alliance.

In the morning, professor Cao Yong’an gave three hours’ speech of the theory and practice of applied courses construction for all the teacher of Hebei Nationalities Normal University. He introduced our school-running made,professional construction principle and principles of course design, and expounds the core of applied talents cultivation is the course. At the same time he gave some advice on the thinking of applied course construction.He put forward that the direction of the transformation and development in colleges and universities is to serve economic and social development,focus is the curriculum reform,and encouraged the teachers to explore bravely, seek the professional characteristics, participated in curriculum reform actively. In the afternoon, teacher Ren Lihua, Li Jun of our college and Duan Zhiyan of Shanxi Industrial and Commercial College communicate with all the teachers of Hebei Nationalities Normal University about the course unit and course system respectively.Ren Lihua shared the teaching ideas of realized political theory course and excellent results  with the subject  “Moral Education of Colorful Ways”. Li Jun shared the design of the professional course group following the industry changes and dynamic adjustment with the subject “Course System Design and Implementation of Project Management. Duan Zhiyan teachers shared working process systematization of the teaching of Videotaping with the subject “Design and implementation of videotaping based on working process systematization ”.

The applied course construction training had a great response in Hebei Nationalities Normal University and demonstrates our curriculum construction achievement, expand the influence of our educational ideas and practice.


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