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Youth League of Department of Electrical and Mechanical Organized Small Productions from Recycles

[Date: 2016-10-20 ] From: Mechanical Design and Automation 163  By: tranlated by Qing Yanbing

To enrich the college life and cultivate their spirit of exploring, innovation and practicing of scientific, Youth League of Department of Electrical and Mechanical organized an activity of small productions from recycles.

Before the activity, the Youth League issued a notice to the freshmen of each class. The leaders of each class took a variety of ways to mobilize the enthusiasm of students to participate in this activity. Students went to the library, read the relevant books, get a lot of information about making small productions. According to the existing technological knowledge and practical ability, they recycled the waste things and remade them into valuable productions. It reflected the spirit of practicability and economy.

    Through this activity, we received more than 40 pieces outstanding productions. These productions were made by waste paper, cans, bottles, disposable productions and so on. The Youth League members made assessments of these productions. Finally, they selected one First Prize, two Second Prizes, three Third-prizes.



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