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A Lecture on the Basic Knowledge of Science and Technology to the Development of the Vocational Ability of Teachers

[Date: 2016-10-27 ] From: Marketing 161  By: tranlated by Cai Kexue

On the afternoon of October 26th, the first lecture on the basic knowledge of science and technology to develop the vocational ability of teachers started. Professor Yu Haibo, and the mathematical teacher Ma Hongshi gave a lecture about the basic knowledge of advanced mathematics and Fourier Series.

Firstly, Professor Yu Haibo explained the core content of advanced mathematics, calculus. And then, she referenced it to the architecture field, economic field and transportation field, and expounded the knowledge of derivative and its application. The vivid cases helped the teachers understood a lot of professional knowledge which can be used to establish the model of mathematical and solve them. The teachers not only learned the knowledge of advanced mathematics, but also learned teaching methods and teaching art.

Ma Hongshi talked from the mathematician Fu Liye's life in the lecture. He explained the widely use of Fourier Series and Fourier Integral Transform in the field of Control Science and Engineering, which showed his professional standard.

Next Wednesday at the same time, the lecture will be about the physics knowledge.

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