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Holding the Party Activists Training Classes by Department of Architectural Engineering

[Date: 2016-11-02 ] From: Engineering Management151  By: Hao Jianru

In order to further strengthen the education and training to join the party activists, and guarantee the quality of development of party members. From October 25th to November 1st, Party of construction engineering held the party activists training classes in 201 lecture hall in the library.

During the training, the party branch secretary of the engineering management Liu Xianpeng stressed that we should build a rock-solid team, and be the party’s successor. And he explained the “comprehensive governing party” the party’s knowledge.

For days, school of accounting computerization of the party committee teacher Tao Jingjie, teacher Chen Maosong and civil engineering professional party branch secretary teacher Huang Qing, who introduced the basic knowledge, such as the glorious history of the communist party of China and the party constitution for all the party activists. During the training, in order to remember the history, the school also organized students to participate in Qiqihar peace square and the city museum. And students watched the large documentary “Always on the road”.




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