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Apartment Culture Festival held in the fifth House Organizing Competition

[Date: 2016-11-08 ] From: Engineering Management152  By: Yan Mengmeng

    The evening of November 6, organized by the Student Affairs Office, the school management contractors, the Department of homes will be co-organized by the Housing Culture Festival held the fifth House finishing contest.

The competition was divided into individual group and group group, Chairman of the School Management Committee He Peng, Vice Chairman Li Zichen, Representative of the Department of Transportation Department Xu Kai Zinc, representatives of the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services Fu Yadong, , Representatives of the Department of Management on behalf of Zhou Shengli, Information Management Committee on behalf of Li Pengfei, a long apartment on behalf of Zou Weixin, three apartments on behalf of Lu Xuan as long as the judges.

The selection of more than 300 players was selected to participate in the individual group and group competition. Competition using music timing method, each game limit 3 minutes, the judges from the players’ bed finishing the flatness, the edges and corners of the degree of clarity, items placed uniformity, the completion rate of several aspects of the players to assess the results. Competition to the early stage, the jury members also personally play for the contestants show the standard housekeeping, and on-site to teach the experience of finishing the house.

The House Organizing Competition Group 1 first prize, second prize 2, third prize 3, 10 outstanding awards, a personal group first prize 1, second prize 2 persons, third prize 3 persons, outstanding award 10 people. The awards for the Housekeeping Competition will be presented at the closing ceremony of the Apartment Culture Festival along with other project awards for the Apartment Culture Festival.

The competition, at the same time for the students to provide a learning housekeeping stage, their competition in the stadium, and further comprehend that "a house does not sweep, why sweeping the world, the bedroom is my home, building by everyone" truth.








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