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The Dormitory Management Committee for Students Apartment Disinfection Work

[Date: 2016-11-09 ] From: Civil Engineering 162  By: translated by Ju Xue

Early winter season, in order to eliminate the source of infection was the basic defense to protect the safety of students of disinfection Hua Gongchu, requirements must increase student apartment inspection and disinfection times. In order to ensure the health and safety of students, to create a warm, healthy, clean and sanitary environment of the apartment, in the evening of November 8th, the school management department conjuncted with the department. It would be disinfected. The tube was the focus of the members of the hall, corridor, study room, staircase, laundry room, bedroom, bed was disinfected, and students often contacted with the bedroom door and tables and chairs and other surfaces were polished. The apartment disinfection strict implementation of disinfection system, a clear method and responsible person, and did a good job of disinfection records.blob.png


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