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Leaders of Provinces and Cities From People Club Bureau Do Research to Gannan county vocational educ

[Date: 2016-04-07 ] From: Nursing151  By: Liu Chang

The ministry of human resources and social security hall of Hei Longjiang, vice director, Cui Yan, the ministry of human resources and social security hall of Qiqihar, deputy director, Han Xiaoming, section chief of professional skills development of Qiqihar, Cui Jinmei, go to managed Gannan vocational education center school to do research, field visit, listen to the report and make a research work forum. Findings into a line has examined the school scenery, practice workshop, laboratory, building mechanics laboratory, and in the subsequent research symposium listen to the headmaster Yu Dongze to running scale, subject setting, training mode, the recruitment of students employment, university-enterprise cooperation, new professional farmers and so on. In the end, research group puts forward the constructive suggestions to the school. 


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